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Julia Wentzel
email: jwentzel[at]ucdavis.edu

Julia Wentzel joins the Cannon Lab to help facilitate research in environmental health concerns among residents of Kettleman City, through which she is working to apply feminist theories and apply feminist research methods to research into farmworker and environmentally disadvantaged communities. Julia is pursuing a Master’s degree in International Agricultural Development at UC Davis, where her work centers on developing experiential learning opportunities for cooperative extension education. This work is inspired by her experiences in the Peace Corps in Paraguay, where she served as an agricultural extension agent, and worked with smallholder farm families to develop nutrition-sensitive agriculture; and by more than a decade of experience working in environmental education and stewardship.


Andy Garcia
email: arjgarcia[at]ucdavis.edu

Andy Garcia is a fourth year undergraduate student in Community and Regional Development, where his focus is on environmental and socio-economic justice. He is a native of Tulare, California. He joins the Cannon Lab to support ongoing research that addresses environmental health concerns among the citizens of Kettleman City in California’s Central Valley.  Andy hopes this work will begin to build bridges between communities, result in increased transparency of government processes, and increase citizen education and empowerment.


Debbie Sulca
email: dfsulca[at]ucdavis.edu

Debbie is a transfer student at UC Davis and is pursuing a degree in Environmental Toxicology with an Emphasis in EcoToxicology and Environmental Chemistry, and a minor in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies. She is interested in doing research that involves the natural environment, indigenous culture, science, and policy. Debbie’s role in the Cannon Lab is engaging with the community of Kettleman City by conducting surveys in English and Spanish as well as aiding in data collection and data analysis of the samples collected on-site in a chemistry laboratory. Upon completing her educational career at UC Davis, Debbie hopes to apply her skills and knowledge in Ecuador by working with indigenous communities to restore degraded natural environments. In the future, Debbie hopes to merge environmental chemistry with policy and/or activism.